Members of Clover Health who are considered to be at a high risk can now take benefit of the behavioral health services provided by Quartet Health, which are designed to assist those who are afflicted with severe mental illness.

The Whole Health program offered by Quartet, which provides a blended approach of both physical and behavioral health, will be included in the delivery model utilized by Clover Home Care in order to “take accountability for the total cost of care risk on Clover Health’s most complex members,” as stated in a news release. Moreover, it will provide comprehensive care services for people with illnesses that are frequently neglected by healthcare providers.

In a statement, Michael Lipp, M.D., chief medical officer at Quartet Health, highlighted the challenges faced by patients with serious mental illness. He emphasized their poorer outcomes and reduced life expectancy, as well as their encounters with a broken healthcare system that fails to adequately address their psychosocial, physical, and emotional requirements. Dr. Lipp noted that, complemented by the data-driven insights of Clover Assistant, this program would offer integrated, detailed, and convenient care to patients without any additional expenses.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, serious mental illness (SMI) is a kind of mental disorder that falls under the umbrella of any mental illness (AMI). Mental, behavioral, or psychological disorders that result in functional impairment are those that fall under the category of SMIs. There were 9.1 million individuals with SMI who received treatment for mental health in 2021. Psychological illnesses such as schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder are all examples of SMI.

Members of Clover Home Care receive assistance with medicine, access to in-home care, management of mental and physical care, and transportation requirements.

Brady Priest, CEO of Clover Home Care, emphasized the delivery of meaningful and prompt assistance to their members through Clover Home Care. He highlighted the utilization of a high-touch model, leveraging the computational capabilities of Clover Assistant. This approach enables their proficient and empathetic care teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of each patient’s distinct requirements and respond appropriately. Priest expressed confidence that the integration of additional behavioral health support for their cohort with severe mental illness would enhance the quality of life for individuals while further reducing unnecessary expenditure.

The firms are banking on Clover’s technology to boost program participation. The AI in Clover Assistant can spot people with serious mental illnesses and those who are more likely to end up in the hospital.

According to a report by Clover Health, Clover Assistant makes it easier for patients to take their prescription as recommended. Electronic health records may be enhanced with the help of Clover Assistant, an online tool. Prescription fill rates for diabetic medicine, high blood pressure drugs, and high cholesterol medicine all improved by 7%, 8%, and almost 4%, respectively, according to the study.

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