Heyday Health came into being three years ago in Youngstown, Ohio, with the aim of delivering primary care to seniors by merging house calls with modern telehealth technology. To support its expansion, Heyday has secured $12.5 million in Series A funding. The investors include Google, Gradient Ventures, and Kate Ryder, the CEO of Maven.

Heyday Health CEO Bobby Shady stated that the startup’s approach, which combines in-home primary care with virtual services, achieves an ideal balance between the personal interaction of home visits and the constant availability of digital access to healthcare providers.

Shady mentioned that Heyday Health also formed a partnership with a major national payer to extend its services into the Cincinnati/Dayton region in Southwest Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky. This health plan partner also participated in the funding round.

“We’re excited to deploy the capital to serve those markets well and at scale. We want to take a lot of the learnings we’ve had over the last few years and deploy them in this partnership at scale,” Shady remarked. He added that the firm is expected to witness a threefold increase in its patient base.

Shady mentioned that he, along with many others, has witnessed close family members eligible for Medicare and observed the inconsistent care experiences they receive. He explained that every Heyday patient is assigned a three-person care team, which includes a dedicated partner whose sole responsibility is to guide patients through the healthcare system.

The founders of Heyday Health recognized an opportunity to coordinate incentives around a value-based care model by targeting Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients. Shady noted that payers are willing to invest in comprehensive, preventative primary care for Medicare patients, which aligns with the care Heyday aims to provide. He expressed optimism about expanding their impact beyond just Medicare and dual-eligible patients but emphasized that starting with this group was a strategic decision.

Heyday’s approach, which prioritizes virtual care, begins with a comprehensive assessment of patients’ physical, behavioral, and social health conducted in their homes or their preferred living environment. Each patient is provided with uninterrupted access to a dedicated care team that collaborates with them to create and manage their care plans.

The care team at Heyday also includes specialists in behavioral health and clinical pharmacy, who assist in managing behavioral issues and medication schedules.

According to the company, purpose-built technology underpins Heyday’s care model. This technology ensures seamless access to video visits for individuals and optimizes market operations for both in-home and virtual care teams.

Executives have noted that Heyday’s care model has achieved incredible results, reflected in its performance ratings of 4 stars or higher. The company boasts a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 85. By combining in-home primary care with telehealth services, Heyday has been able to lower healthcare costs, primarily by reducing inpatient admissions and emergency room visits.

All providers and partners are well-versed in care protocols, which helps them deliver care solutions best suited to each patient, with the aim of restoring their health to the best possible level.

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